The AEROTESTE focuses on the development and application of technologies to supply the Brazilian and international Aerospace market demand.

Therefore, our company develops partnerships with manufacturers of aircraft and aircraft systems, accredited maintenance companies, companies and professionals of civilian and military aviation, defense industry, aviation Offshore as well as research centers and universities in Brazil and other countries.

We have experienced professionals who work to fill the gaps that exist between scientific knowledge and the application of new technologies, aiming at bringing intelligent solutions to our customers and provide them new market opportunities.

Our company has a well-diversified portfolio of customers within the aerospace industry, which primarily require competence, seriousness and scientific rigor in fulfilling their requirements. Therefore, our clients are extremely demanding about the quality of our services.

Thus, we are ready to meet the demands of our clients and to always exceed their expectations, thereby ensuring satisfaction and strengthening its relationship of trust with AEROTESTE.

Our Clients